FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: English – April 2022

April 4, 2022

Forty-one entries from the Department of English. Entries includes studies of modernist literature, Black Mountain and Beat poetry, composition, late-nineteenth-century U.S. women’s writing, U.S. abolitionism, and American Realism. Also featured are works of creative writing in book form and in literary journals, as well as a new edition of a recovered early-eighteenth-century play.

Carlile, Susan. “Charlotte Lennox: Satirical Poetry and the Rise of Participatory Democracy.” British Women Satirists in the Long Eighteenth Century. Eds. Amanda Hiner and Elizabeth Tasker Davis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022.

Guffey, Robert. OPERATION MINDFUCK: QANON & THE CULT OF DONALD TRUMPOR Books, 2022. Print. (Forthcoming.) 

—. DEAD MONKEY RUM: A NOVEL. Planet Bizarro Press, 2022. Print. (Forthcoming.)

—. “Noir Trailblazer: Ida Lupino, Filmmaker.” The Mailer Review. Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 2022). Print. (Forthcoming.)

—. “Shaking Down the Goon.” The Mailer Review. Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 2022). Print. (Forthcoming.)

—. “On the Bus.” Abyss. Orchid’s Lantern, 2022. Print. (Forthcoming.)

—. “Toward a General Theory of Yithian Psychology.” Shadows Out of Time. PS Publishing, 2022. Print. (Forthcoming.)

—. “Invisible Predators.” Nexus Magazine Vol. 29, No. 1 (January-February 2022). Print.

—. “Committee of Mystery.” Occult Detective Magazine #8 (December 2021). Print.

—. “If You’re Into Eating Children’s Brains, You’ve Got a Four-Year Free Ride: A QAnon Bedtime Story (Part 4).” The Evergreen Review (June 30, 2021). <https://evergreenreview.com/read/if-youre-into-eating-childrens-brains-youve-got-a-four-year-free-ride-4/>

—. “If You’re Into Eating Children’s Brains, You’ve Got a Four-Year Free Ride: A QAnon Bedtime Story (Part 3).” The Evergreen Review (June 24, 2021). <https://evergreenreview.com/read/if-youre-into-eating-childrens-brains-youve-got-a-four-year-free-ride-3/>

—. “If You’re Into Eating Children’s Brains, You’ve Got a Four-Year Free Ride: A QAnon Bedtime Story (Part 2).” The Evergreen Review (June 16, 2021). <https://evergreenreview.com/read/if-youre-into-eating-childrens-brains-youve-got-a-four-year-free-ride-2/>

—. “If You’re Into Eating Children’s Brains, You’ve Got a Four-Year Free Ride: A QAnon Bedtime Story (Part 1).” The Evergreen Review (June 14, 2021). <https://evergreenreview.com/read/if-youre-into-eating-childrens-brains-youve-got-a-four-year-free-ride-1/>

—. “Her Wounded Eyes.” Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 6. Red Room Press, 2021. Print.

—. BELA LUGOSI’S DEAD: A NOVEL. Crossroad Press, 2021. Print.


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—. “‘To Open Your Ears’: Typing, Time, and the Body in Beat and Black Mountain Poetics.” The Beats, Black Mountain, and New Modes in American Poetry, Matt Theado, editor. Clemson University Press, 2021. 

Hernandez, David. Hello I Must Be Going. University of Pittsburgh Press, March 2022.

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Margrave, Clint. Visitor (poems), NYQ Books, Spring, 2022 (forthcoming).

—. “After Watching the Challenger Documentary on Netflix,”The Journal of American Poetry, January 2022.
—. “The After Life of Christopher Hitchens,” Los Angeles Review of Books. December, 2021. 

—. “Destroy Unread,” “My Colleague Dies during Covid,” “A Poem is a Grave,” “Egon Schiele: A Trieste Fishing Boat (1907),” Nov/Dec 2021.  

—. “Dostoevsky Takes a Selfie,” Artillery Magazine, Sept./Oct 2021.  

—. “After Rereading Beowulf ” and “Jumping Spiders Can See the Moon,” Spillway, Nov. 2021.  

—. “Bulgarian Necrologues,” One, Issue 24, 2021.  

—. “Visitor” and “Call to Prayer,” New York Quarterly, Issues 67.1, 67.2.   

“Jesus Never Laughed,” The Moth, Spring 2021.  

—. “Fellow Traveler,” “The Quest for Perfect Armor,” Bird of Prey,” International Literary Quarterly, 2021.  

—. “Tropic of Cancer,” Short Edition, 2021.    

—. “Toad Dies and Goes to Heaven,” Rattle, Poets Respond, 2021.  

—. “Origins,” Oikos: Poeti per il future, 2021 (Italian translation).    

—. “Claes Oldenburg: Alphabet in Form of a Good Bar,” The Ekphrastic Review, 2021.  

 “Sad Animals,” Sterling Clack Clack, 2021.   

—. “Rat Trap,” Sterling Clack Clack, forthcoming, 2022.  

—. “Camus Takes a Train” and “Monk Dies in Greece without Ever Seeing a Woman,” Gargoyle, April, 2022.  

—. “Middle-Aged Slam Pit,” Without a DoubtPoems Illuminating FaithNYQ Books, forthcoming, 2022.  

—. “Pessoa Died a Virgin,” In the Footsteps of a Shadow: North American Literary Responses to Fernando Pessoa, forthcoming.   

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