Student Success Story: Bateman Team

Student Success Story – Bateman Team
By Taylor Thorne

""The Bateman Case Study is a PRSSA premier national competition where teams of public relations students are given the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom, to create and implement them for real life clients. With 2019’s competition theme “Diversity Voices: Profiles in Leadership,” teams were challenged to formulate and carry out a campaign focused on the promotion of racial and ethnic diversity within public relations and communications. PRSSA-LB earned first place with their “Diversity LB” campaign. Raising awareness about the diverse voices lacking in the communications field, PRSSA-LB pushed a social media campaign, created a mentorship program, hosted networking events, and produced an e-book compiled of stories of students sharing their experiences with diversity.

Public Relation Lecturer, Krista Coriaty, had the pleasure of being this year’s co-mentor, observed the duality and legacy this initiative had on the team as well as the PRSSA-LB chapter. “While we accomplished so much during a short period, one of the highlights of their campaign was the creation of a diversity and inclusion officer on the PRSSA Long Beach executive board, which will help ensure the campaign’s programs, will be carried to future students.” In continuation,  Ann Milo Shanahan, Professional Advisor, and second co-mentor recognizes the impact of creating success outside the classroom, “College is a truly significant chapter in our lives, and fulfilling a set of degree requirements is only a small part of how it shapes our future. Successful students see beyond the horizon and seek out enriching experiences for themselves.”

""Winning first place did not come without issues, as recent graduate Britny Coker-Moen explains: “Finding the time to work all of our schedules together and to fit Bateman responsibilities into our busy schedules was one of the biggest obstacles we faced. Personally, I was taking a full load of classes, had an internship and a part time job, in addition to balancing my social and home life with school. All of us had very busy schedules and were met with difficulty, but we managed to make it work in the long run.” In addition, some faced internal challenges. Team member, Louis Lopez confides his struggle with mental illness: “one of my challenges was my agoraphobia. Leaving my home is always a challenge, some days are more difficult than others.”

Through their trials and tribulations, each team member ambitiously created time, space, and resources to bring “DiversityLB” into fruition. Each noted that the familial bond that emerged from working together made the process of sharing ideas and thoughts easier. Samantha Storrey explained: “We were this group of totally random people and now everyone feels like family to me. It means being able to work with others, challenge yourself and be creative.” This, in conjunction with a strong support system of peers, educators, plus readily available resources, created an eco-system for the Bateman Team to thrive.

When asked what does the future hold, each student has goals that reach beyond school, from working for The Walt Disney Company to teaching English in Japan. But it is well worth noting that each have the determination to reach their version of success. As Lopez states, “Success isn’t available to those who are smart and gifted, or those who are rich, it what you are determined to do.”