Visiting Artist Lecture Series: "Through and Beyond the Flower — Judy Chicago"

September 19, 2011

In addition to discussing her recent projects, Judy Chicago will address censorship issues that surrounded The Dinner Party and the difficulties of finding a permanent home for the work after Congress, several museums, and even some students launched protests. Chicago will offer her current take on the issue of censorship, while looking back to consider how it affected emerging feminist artists in the 1970s. She will provide a much needed historical perspective in studying the issue, both past and present.

Chicago is an artist, author, feminist, educator, and intellectual whose career now spans over five decades. Her influence, both within and beyond the art community, is exemplified by her inclusion in hundreds of publications throughout the world. Her art has been frequently exhibited in the United States as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Moreover, a number of the books that she has authored have been published in foreign editions, bringing her art and philosophy to thousands of readers worldwide.

Although Chicago has been an influential teacher and prolific author, the primary focus of her career has been her studio work. For over five decades, Chicago has remained steadfast in her commitment to the power of art as a vehicle for intellectual transformation and social change as well as to women’s right to engage in the highest level of art production. As a result, she has become a symbol for people everywhere, known and respected as an artist, writer, teacher, and humanist whose work and life are models for an enlarged definition of art, an expanded role for the artist, and women’s right to freedom of expression.

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