Kate Flach, “America’s Nervous Breakdown: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Popular Psychology, and the Demise of the Housewife in the 1970s,” Journal of 20th Century Media History 1, 1 (2023): 3-29. Brett Mizelle, […]

Faculty Publications: History – November 2021

History Thirty-five entries from the Department of History. Scholarship includes studies of Spain, Portugal, Germany, the U.S, central Asia, India, Iberia and the Mediterranean, France, Latin America, Japan, and even […]

Faculty Publications: History – February 20/21

History Berquist, Emily. “Bonds of Affection? The Catholic Church and Slavery in New Spain,” in Scott Eastman and Vincent Sanz, eds., Rethinking Spain’s Atlantic Empire in the Nineteenth Century: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara’s […]