CLA Internship Program 2019 Annual Report

December 12, 2019

""“During the 2018-2019 academic year, the College of Liberal Arts Internship Program provided professional development opportunities to over 800 students enrolled in academic internships, fostered partnerships with 183 community agencies and organizations, and supported six CLA department events.

We successfully launched and curated specialized content on our CLA social media platforms to reach a larger audience of students, faculty, staff, and community partners. We continued to collaborate with community partners to provide paid internships. In the past year, we have provided paid internships to seven graduating Long Beach Promise students and our development of the Gateway to a Promising Profession Program will allow us to assist more Promise students in their professional development and career attainment after graduation.

We are excited to showcase the success of our students, feature how we support CLA faculty, and highlight the outcome of our work with local organizations. ” Michelle Chang, CLA Internship & Career Readiness Specialist

Review the CLA Internship Program 2019 Annual Report to learn about the success of our students, how we provide professional development support to CLA faculty, and the partnerships we have cultivated with local organizations.