CLA Students Met with Aquarium of the Pacific Vice President of Human Resources for Mentor Lunch

October 27, 2014

Aquarium Image On October 24th as part of the CLA’s Mentor Lunch program, Kathie Nirschl, Vice President of Human Resources for the Aquarium of the Pacific, hosted eight students and Associate Dean Amy Bippus. Kanika Banks, Brad Davis, Johnathan Granados, Emily Ibrahim, Zoltan Jely, Asia Lias, Moe Nanami, and Bonnie Shilling toured the Aquarium displays and back offices while experiencing how the employees and volunteer staff enable this nonprofit agency to receive 1.5 million visitors per year. They learned about Ms. Nirschl’s daily responsibilities and components of Human Resources along with her background as a Geography major. Ms. Nirschl informed the students on how to build on their experiences as Liberal Arts majors to a career in Human Resources, with valuable tips for résumés, interviews, and how to stand out in the job market.