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Primary Sources for Student Research

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Other UC Libraries

The Times (London): On-line Palmer’s Index, 1785-1904 (also Claremont Colleges)

The London Stage, 1890-1919: A Calendar of Plays and Players, by J. P. Wearing, provides a chronicle of plays done in London, whose reviews you could look up in the Times (London).

British Periodicals only in UC libraries

Palmer’s Index: to London Times, 1785-1905, different from the 1880-1890 at CSULB

Palmer’s Index to Text of London Times, 1785-1870, giving full text

Early English Books Online: 1475-1700

Eighteenth Century collections online (ECCO): run by Thomson Publishing that offers digitize versions of the 18th Century Short Title Catalogue, that is, much of what was published all over Europe in the period.  You can only use it at a UC campus library using a password provided to students or faculty, or those who buy a library card at that library.

Women Advising Women, Advice Books, Manuals and Journals for Women, 1450-1837 a microfilm series edited by Amanda Vickery of Royal Holloway College, University of London, that is available at UC Irvine and UC San Diego.  For contents, see

British: Periodical sources only in UC libraries

Historical Newspapers: Chadwyck-Healey:

Palmer’s Index: to London Times, 1785-1905
Palmer’s Index to Text of London Times, 1785-1870, giving full text

Index to English Literary Periodicals, 1681-1941

UC Irvine

  • Lady’s Realm (microfilm)
  • Lady’s Magazine (microfilm)
  • The Standard Designer /Delineator (microfilm)

Walker, Mrs. A., Female Beauty, Regimen, Cleanliness and Dress. (Special Collections)