The College of Liberal Arts Equity Scholars: Graduate Recruitment Initiative

January 19, 2021

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce an inaugural graduate recruitment initiative: The College of Liberal Arts Equity Scholars. 

In 21/22, this graduate recruitment effort will support one graduate research assistantship for every CLA department offering a graduate degree (13 in total), of $7000 per student (or up to a maximum $3500 each for two students; pending budget), in order to recruit promising students into the Humanities and Social Sciences; recruitment of first-generation, historically underrepresented, and/or low-income graduate students is strongly encouraged. This recruitment initiative is designed to promote excellence in research and to support enhanced accessibility to the mentorship and research training of the Liberal Arts graduate experience. 

Some of the many benefits anticipated:

  • Creating of a preferential pathway for our talented CSULB undergraduates seeking graduate degrees, as well as an opportunity for local, regional and state residents seeking to retrain or upskill;  
  • Encouraging graduate role models for first-generation and historically underrepresented undergraduate students;
  • Enhancing the intellectual life of the college and uplifting the graduate community; 
  • Contributing to a faculty pipeline for state education; 
  • Building in and contributing to future access and equity;
  • Serving as a vital springboard to build partnerships, including with the city of Long Beach, locally-based corporations, and businesses in order to support career pathways for first-generation, historically underrepresented and/or low-income students.

The 21/22 cohort will be nominated by graduate advisors in consultation with department chairs and confirmed by the Dean’s office. The Equity Scholars will be introduced via the CLA website and social media this Fall. 

For more information, contact CLA Director of Graduate Studies Sarah Schrank or EQS Co-ordinator Mariya Mileva