Graduate Student Spotlight: Emily Stoll – Master of Science, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

July 6, 2021

Emily Stoll just finished her first year of her Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and will graduate in Spring 2022! She attended CSULB for her undergraduate program and got involved with the Psychology Resource Office (PRO), which provides students with internship, volunteer, career, and graduate school resources for Psychology students. Emily credits the “strong alumni network” that the Psychology department proves for students that helped her land a Talent Acquisition internship at Global, a 1st Flagship Company!


We are so proud of Emily and can’t wait to see what her future holds! Learn more about Emily, her plans for the future, and what advice she gives to students looking into graduate programs here at CSULB.


What made you choose CSULB for your Master’s degree?


I chose CSULB for my Master’s because I loved the environment and opportunities I was presented here as an undergraduate. The Psychology faculty create such a welcoming community with a wealth of resources and provide a strong alumni network to help students find employment after graduate school! 


What’s your favorite thing about your program?


My favorite thing about my program is that it pushes students to explore not only their educational interests but also outside opportunities such as research and internships. I also really enjoy the professors I have had, and my classmates. 


What are your future goals or career plans for life post-grad?


I plan to hopefully narrow down my interests in the coming months. My Talent Acquisition internship is providing me with exposure to recruiting and HR practices to give me a better idea of the direction I want to head in. Down the line I hope to go into consulting and organizational development. 


What’s your best advice for students looking into graduate school?


My best advice is to make sure you are aware of everything it takes to finish grad school. There are a lot of hurdles to go over so educate yourself on what those are so that you’re not blindsided. Also make sure that you are truly passionate about what you are going to school for, otherwise you will not have the motivation to push through on those difficult days.