Jeffrey High (RGRLL): “Who Is This Schiller Now? — Essays on His Reception and Significance”

September 21, 2011

Dr. Jeffrey High recently published the book Who Is This Schiller Now?: Essays on His Reception and Significance.

Dr. High is a Professor of German in CSULB’s Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures. He also serves as the Director of the German Studies Program and Graduate Advisor. Dr. High’s teaching and research focus on the “Age of Schiller” as well as literary, philosophical, and theoretical texts from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. His seminars— “Friedrich Schiller,” “The ‘German’ Novella from Boccaccio to Stephen King,” “Heinrich von Kleist,” and “Drama of the Late Enlightenment”—teach interdisciplinary approaches to the intersections of literature, philosophy, critical theory, and politics in German, European, and US culture. He has received numerous awards for teaching, service, and scholarship, and has taught as a Visiting Professor at the University of New Mexico German Summer School since 2001.