Mural Design Competition

October 22, 2018

Project overview

Temporary murals that reflect “Who We Are Now” will be installed on construction fences on the exterior wall of FO3 near the statue in the LA5 plaza. These images will represent the current demographic of students, staff, and faculty at CSULB.

Through a jury process, the panel will select individual students or student design teams to produce murals. Students, faculty and staff advisors of Cultural groups and Department /Program Chairs /Directors are encouraged to reach out to student organizations for support and participation in the collaboration. Submissions will also be considered for temporary installations at various locations in the City of Long Beach by the Arts Council for Long Beach.

Historical/Cultural background

When CSULB opened in 1949 the demographic of the students, staff and faculty was almost entirely white. Today, CSULB has one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation.

Project description

The designs are intended to create public spaces on campus that make our diversity visible. If you were a potential student or parent visiting our campus and saw a mural that made you think “this school is for me”, what would that mural look like?

Site description

The Temporary Digital Murals will be located on the entrance to FO3 and on Construction Fences on campus.

PDF Version of the Mural Submission Information Packet