CSULB's Moot Court Celebrates Successful Season

March 4, 2013

The Southern Methodist University (SMU) School of Law Tournament was held in February 2013.  

Brianna Wilbur (2nd) (POSC senior), Ashley Hall (6th) (POSC junior), Ruben Frausto (7th) (POSC junior), Kyle Maury (8th) (POSC and ECON senior), and Asmita Deswal (9th) (POSC and PHIL junior) won best orator awards at the SMU School of Law Tournament.

David Casarrubias (POSC junior) and Deswal were runners-up.

Maury and Hall, as well as Wilbur and Frausto, advanced to the semi-finals.

The American Collegiate Moot Court Association (ACMA) National Championship was held at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach,  VA in January 2013. 

Ryan Chapman (POSC senior) was the 9th best orator in the nation.

Chapman and Yasmin Manners (POSC senior) finished 11th in the nation for oratory and 2nd in the nation in the written brief championship.

The Western Regional Championship was held at CSULB from November 30th to December 1st, 2012. 

Adria Bonillas (POSC senior) and Krist Biakanja (POSC senior) won the 2012 Western Regional Championship. They are the second CSULB team to do so and the first in 11 years.

Bonillas, Wilbur, Chapman, and Hall won best orator awards.

Deswal earned Honorable Mention.

CSULB had four teams in the final eight and finished 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th.

The South Texas College of Law Tournament was held in October 2012. 

Chapman and Manners finished 3rd in the South Texas College of Law Tournament.

Chapman was named a top orator.

Wilbur and Biakanja earned Honorable Mention.


Moot Court is a simulation of an appellate court proceeding. Two-person legal teams argue a hypothetical legal case known as “the competition case” in front of judges who grade the students on the basis of their knowledge of the case, response to questioning, forensic skills, and demeanor. Students must engage in thorough research of the cases and laws cited in “the competition case.” Teams from colleges and universities throughout the nation argue the same case. Oral argument lasts 40 minutes with each side getting 20 minutes. Each student is expected to speak for a minimum of seven minutes. Click here to learn more.


L-R: The Honorable Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Ruben Frausto, Krist Biakanja, IV, Ashley Hall, Kyle Maury, Adria Bonillas, Brianna Wilbur, and Professor Lewis Ringel