Patraporn and Kim Publication Selected to Receive Award

February 8, 2022

Professors Varisa Patraporn of Sociology,  and Barbara Kim of Asian and Asian American Studies have been selected to receive the Association for Asian American Studies Social Sciences Faculty Research Article Award for their article “Resurgent Ethnicity and Residential Choice Among Second-generation Asian Americans in a Los Angeles Panethnic Suburb.”

The selection committee, comprised of Professors Nitasha Sharma and C.N. Le found that the comprehensive synthesis of demographic data and ethnographic interviews did vital work in exploring the complex and multi-layered dynamics related to the rise of pan-Asian ethnoburbs and processes of ethnic resurgence. The question of second generation Asian Americans, panethnicity, and the coming of age of this generation and their relationship to ethnicity and ethnic practices and as racialized Asians in the US is directly relevant to the field and is increasingly important in today’s society.

They will receive their award in April. Please join us in congratulating this wonderful and important achievement!

To read the article in PDF format, please download it here.