Close to the Sun: Film Screening and Discussion

February 22, 2011

Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun: Film Screening and Discussion

Internationally recognized Chinese film director, Chou Chou, presented her film Close to the Sun on Tuesday, February 15th in CSULB’s Beach Auditorium. At only twenty-eight years old, Chou is being considered as a finalist for the 2011 Sedona International Film Festival. Born into a minority ethnic group in the Guizhou province in Southwestern China, which values both culture and tradition, Chou beautifully illustrates such values in her film.

Close to the Sun is a stunning film both visually and thematically. The plot of the film involves a French painter, Pauline, who is suffering from an unknown disease and desires to find a place where she can die peacefully. She begins to travel and eventually discovers the Dong ethnic group. Chou explained that this tribe focuses its culture and tradition on “honesty, simplicity, and love”.

Along with Chou, Beijing Film Academy Professor Huang Shixian answered questions after the screening. Dressed in her traditional attire, Chou impressed the audience with her accomplishments. Because Chou wanted everything in her film to be “ethnic and correct,” she dedicated five years to making Close to the Sun.

It was very kind of Chou to present her film at CSULB. Also, special thanks are due to both the University Library and the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies for sponsoring the event.

By Melissa Bell
Journalism Major