Minor in History

Minor in History

Worksheet for students declaring History as a minor from Fall 2003 and later. The above worksheet is in *pdf format.  If you need Adobe Reader, you can download it here.

General Minor in History

A minimum of 21 units which include:

  1. Lower Division:  A minimum of 6 units, which must include, a six-unit sequence from the following:  Hist 211 and 212, 131, and 132.
  2. Upper Division:  A minimum of 12 units, which must include at least 6 units in each of two areas as defined for the major.

In addition to a minor in history, the following directed minors are offered: 

Minor in Jewish Studies

The Minor in Jewish Studies consists of a minimum of 19 units. Jewish Studies encourages undergraduate students to acquire the academic breadth and depth to comprehend the major issues, themes, and concepts of a culture and heritage that has had a distinct impact on world civilization. The interdisciplinary minor consists of courses in a variety of disciplines, including literature, history, religion, geography, Hebrew language, and politics. Students will expand their understanding of the broader dynamics of the Jewish experience through different eras and geographic settings, both in Israel and the Diaspora.


  1. Required core courses: HEBW 101A, HIST 369, R/ST 314
  2. Three units from the following elective courses: CWL 342, HIST 431, R/ST 311
  3. Six units from the following elective courses: GEOG 309I; HIST 304, 432, 389; POSC 367; R/ST 315.

Minor in Latin American Studies

The Minor offers students majoring in any subject an opportunity to supplement their education with a focus on the interdisciplinary study of Latin America. The minor’s flexible program of study is ideal for students interested either in intellectual enrichment or professional development in their major. Courses used to meet this minor requirement may be counted also, where applicable, toward the General Education requirements, and the major or minor requirements of the cooperating departments.


  1. The successful completion of two college intermediate level courses in Spanish, Portuguese or any other language appropriate to the student’s area of concentration of the equivalent fluency as determined by the program advisor.
  2. Consultation with the program advisor, including formal declaration of the minor, and application for graduation.

Completion of 21 units distributed as follows:

A. Core (required of all students): 6 units. Choose from two disciplines: ANTH 323, 324; GEOG 320I; HIST 362, 364; POSC 358, 359; SPAN 445.

B. Electives: 15 additional units from the following disciplines. Students cannot duplicate courses taken in the Core: ANTH 323, 324, 345, 490*, 495*, CHLS 352, 380, 395, 400, 420, 490*, 499*; C/LT 440, 499*, ECON 490*, 499*; FEA 392C; GEOG 320I; HIST 362, 364, 366, 461, 462, 463, 466A, 466B, 466C, 490*, 495*, 498*; POSC 358, 359, 497*, 499*; SOC 341, 490*, 499*; SPAN 341, 441, 445, 490*, 492, 495*, 550

* The Latin American Studies advisor must approve Special Topics and Directed Studies courses in the area of Latin American Studies.

Minor in Middle Eastern Studies (HISTUM05)

For the Middle Eastern Studies brochure, click here. This minor encourages undergraduate students to acquire a broad and interconnected understanding of the dynamics of Middle Eastern societies, cultures, and histories by taking courses in a variety of disciplines including History, Arabic language, Political Science, Geography, Art History, International Business, and Religious Studies. Expands understanding of major issues, themes, and concepts associated with a complex and diverse region as Middle East.


1. A minimum of 18 units.

Core Requirements:

  1. Core: Minimum twelve (12) units: At least three (3) units must be in History of the Middle East and four (4) units must be in Arabic.*
    • ARAB 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B, 250; HIST 416/516, 418/518, 431/531, 432/532; R/ST 331I; POSC 367.
  2. Electives: Must take a minimum of six (6) additional units, selected with an advisor, from the following courses without repeating courses from the core:
    • ARAB 101A, 101B, 201A, 201B, 250; ART 465/565; CWL 104, 402/502; GEOG 309I; HIST 393, 394, 416/516, 418/518, 428, 431/531, 432/532; POSC 367; R/ST 331I, 490**.

Three (3) of these units may be taken from the following courses, which have a global and comparative perspective, without repeating courses from core: CBA 300; WGSS 401I; CDFS 410; R/ST 102, 448/548; HIST 495**.

  • *Other languages of the Middle East may be substituted with the approval of the Director of the program.
  • **Only topics courses relevant to the minor will be accepted.