Healthy Relationship Skills Workshop Information

Not Alone at the Beach’s Healthy Relationship Skills Workshop covers a wide range of topics related to healthy sexual, interpersonal, and romantic relationships. Utilizing a range of interactive activities and discussions, the workshop encourages participants to explore characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, including self-reflections about what they do and do not want in relationships, how to treat others in ways that help their partner grow and thrive, how to avoid microaggressions, and how to set and accept boundaries. The workshop also explores characteristics of healthy sexual relationships, including healthy and unhealthy reasons for having sex, how to ensure enthusiastic consent, and how to negotiate safe sex. Finally, the workshop also explores several forms of sexual and relationship violence and provides guidance on inappropriate behaviors to avoid, effective communication strategies, danger cues to pay attention to, strategies for staying safe, bystander interventions to help others, and how to help a friend.

Who can participate? Any CSULB student

How long is the program? 8 hours (must attend all 8 hours)

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