Geospatial Software Access

All CSULB students, faculty, and staff who currently have a valid campus ID number and password can now download and license Esri GIS software for use on their own personal computer at home or in their on-campus office.  This software is made available by the Geography Department for student coursework, teaching, research, and administrative purposes.

Please note that, per our site license agreement, the Esri GIS software may only be used for academic purposes.  Commercial use of the software is a violation of our license agreement with the software manufacturer (Esri) and is expressly prohibited.  Please contact the Geography Department GIS Lab Manager if you have any questions.


Two software options are currently available:

ArcGIS Desktop

Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop is a suite of integrated applications, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox.  This suite of applications is often referred to collectively by its key component, ArcMap.  This is Esri’s legacy, 32-bit software product.  Our teaching labs are currently using software version 10.8.  Esri has indicated that, for the next few years, they plan to maintain and support ArcGIS Desktop although they are encouraging users to migrate to their next-generation product, ArcGIS Pro.  See the ArcGIS Desktop Software tab for instructions regarding software download, installation, and authorization.

ArcGIS Pro

This is Esri’s newest-generation 64-bit desktop software.  ArcGIS Pro offers a more contemporary design with superior 3D visualization and enhanced integration with Esri’s online platform, ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Pro requires a more robust computer capacity than ArcGIS Desktop.  See the ArcGIS Pro Software tab for software download, installation, and authorization instructions.