Graduate studies in Linguistics and TESOL at CSULB

Graduate studies in Linguistics at CSULB


The Department of Linguistics at California State University Long Beach (CSULB) offers:

  • Graduate TESOL certificate
  • MA in Linguistics with an option in TESOL
  • MA in Linguistics with an option in General Linguistics
  • MA in Linguistics with an option in Language and Culture

Students can also create a personalized course of study through a Special Option focusing on a topic of personal interest. See the Course Catalog for a list of courses and degree requirements.

The MA in Linguistics with an option in TESOL is ideal for ESL or EFL teachers who would like to have both a broad background in linguistics, as well as practical pedagogical training.

Our alumni work around the world in fields such as TEFL, TESL, translation, computational linguistics, and marketing. Many continue to PhD programs. See our alumni page for stories of graduates.

About the department

The CSULB Linguistics department is a diverse community of scholars. Our faculty and students regularly present research at conferences, and publish books and articles. Please see our faculty page for details of faculty research interests. The department offers laboratory and study space for students.

About the university

CSULB is a beautiful, park-like campus with over 35,000 students, including thousands of international students. There are many opportunities to join clubs and attend cultural events on campus. Many students also find jobs on campus, which is a great way to earn money, meet people, and develop new skills. The Center for International Education can help you with questions on immigration, insurance, employment authorization, and advice on living in Long Beach. The American Language Institute offers advanced academic English courses for those who may need more preparation for graduate-level work in English.

About Long Beach

Long Beach is a coastal city of nearly half a million people. The weather is usually mild and sunny. The campus is located 5 miles from downtown Long Beach, which offers museums, theaters, and fine dining, and 30 miles from the world-class city of Los Angeles. There are swimming beaches about 3 miles from campus, and you can also ski in the mountains, a two hours drive away. Public transportation in Long Beach is among the best in California, making it possible to live here without a car.

How to apply

Please check our contact page, and write to the graduate advisors with questions, or for information on how to apply.