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Welcome to the CSULB Department of Journalism & Public Relations. We are home to 40 faculty and staff dedicated to excellence in media education. JPR programs are accredited by the ACEJMC and we offer four academic options: a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, a Minor in Journalism and a Minor in Public Relations.

Jennifer Fleming

Department Chair and
Professor Jennifer Fleming

Fall 2023

The department welcomes this semester more than 100 new first-year and transfer students as well as three new faculty members. Dr. Worapron Chanthapan is our newest assistant professor; she specializes in crisis communication. CSULB alumnus Dr. Aaron Day is a morning news producer at FOX-11, and Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has been a reporter at LAist 98.3, the Los Angeles NPR affiliate, since 2000. We’re also starting the academic year with close to $250K in new equipment, including three upgraded iMAC labs, 10 new broadcast kits, and another 10 new photojournalism camera kits. And we’re proud to offer this fall the first vertical video for social media class in the Cal State system, thanks to assistant professor Jesus Ayala!

Spring 2023

Spring 2023 started with exciting news that Dr. Gwen Shaffer won a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant—the first NSF grant in department history! Dr. Shaffer will help build a digital rights platform with the $150,000 grant. Meanwhile, two JPR alumni returned to The Beach to teach in spring. Lauren Williams taught a “Digital Tools for Public Relations” class, and Elizabeth Borsting, founder of Dine Out Long Beach, created and taught a course focused on “Food, Travel and Lifestyle Storytelling.” Meanwhile, the department’s signature annual event, “JPR Day” was in person for the first time in four years. Speakers focused on breaking news and crisis and 2022-2023 award and scholarship winners were announced during JPR Day awards ceremony.

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