Journalism and public relations students are encouraged to complete as many internships as possible to complement their coursework and kick-start their career by gaining experience and building networks in professional settings. Southern California, one of the nation’s largest media markets and the entertainment capital of the world, is rich with internships in journalism, public relations, and other media, editorial and storytelling-related industries.

Michelle Chang

Michelle Chang
ATLAS, PH1 -104

All journalism and public relations majors are required to complete at least one internship.  This requirement is met while students are registered in the Journalism 498 Internship class.  Of note, students can take JOUR 498 twice as a means to gain valuable internship experience while earning academic credit.  In Journalism 498, students gain practical experience by completing at least 100 hours of internship work under the supervision of an experienced professional. The Journalism 498 class includes seminars and workshops to facilitate professional development and career readiness. All internships must be approved by the Journalism 498 instructor. Students locate and secure their own internships, a process that typically includes searching for a position and preparing and submitting resumes and cover letters. Students can meet with College of Liberal Arts internship specialist Michelle Chang for assistance with resume and cover letter writing, as well as internship search strategies.

The department maintains a directory of internship placements and posts internship openings on the JPR student BeachBoard. Students can also search for internships through the CSULB Career Development Center’s CareerLINK database, as well as through more general job-search and networking resources such as Indeed and LinkedIn. 

NEW!  Internship documents for Journalism 498 are now available for download.  To download, click on the item and it will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

Internship Class Application (Rev 08-21) 

JOUR 498 Internship Contract REMOTE (Rev 08-21)

JOUR 498 50 hour Site Supervisor Evaluation (01-01-19)

JOUR 498 100 hour Site Supervisor Evaluation (01-01-19)