Brigid McLaughlin – Spain – Fall 2018

Brigid McLaughlin“Having the opportunity to experience the Spanish culture, as well as cultures from around the world has been the best part of my study abroad experience. As a journalism major, it’s tough to be an introverted person, which I struggled with at the beginning of my journalism career. You may doubt yourself, shy away from talking to people that can truly enhance your story, or maybe you didn’t ask a question because you felt like it was too obvious. Going into a foreign country, where I knew absolutely no one, forced me out of my shell and into a world where tolerance and respect for other cultures is the only answer. I have had to ask obvious questions, often in a foreign language, and knowing no one here, I broke free from any inhibitions I had about myself in order to become immersed in this incredible abroad experience. I’ve met people from all around the world who live completely differently from me, I have had the opportunity to listen to what their lives are like, and in return I was able to share what life is like for me in the U.S. and share some of my life experiences from home. You will learn that the scope of the world is much larger than it seems, however, if you have the ability to connect and relate and talk to most anyone you will go far in your journalism ventures, and in life itself.”