Sara Ulloa – Italy – Summer 2018

Sara Ulloa “The food was definitely the best thing abroad by being in a different country and experiencing a new culture! Food is different. Dinner is a time where you sit and eat for two hours, you have a full course meal and that’s something we do not do here in the states. The food quality is different too, everything in Italy tastes fresh and I loved that.

I think going abroad will benefit my career because I will know what it is like to be exposed to different cultures and how to be respectful to everyone. In Italy, religion is huge, and if you want to go to a basilica or church, as a woman you must always be covered up. It is required or you may not enter, being exposed to little things like this has shown me that you cannot just arrive in another country and assume you know how things work. You have to do your research and respect values. This also is something that will help me personally as well. Always be respectful to others. It is a humbling experience studying abroad, you see how other people live in different countries and you realize how blessed you are to live in the United States. I really appreciated that aspect. I see the outside world now through a different lens.”