JPR Day 2023 Student Committee

Project lead:

Kaitlyn Rowell: Kaitlyn Rowell is a fourth year Public Relations major at CSULB, whose main expertise and passion lies in internal communications and writing. She is excited to apply the skills she has developed during her time with the JPR department to off campus PR opportunities and projects. Outside of her studies, Kaitlyn is all about self care, and enjoys reading, meditating and being at the gym.


Session 1:

Juan Huerta: Juan Huerta is a driven and enthusiastic fourth year student at CSULB studying public relations. He’s passionate about media relations and content creation. He has a particular interest in lifestyle and interior design settings. He hopes to continue to grow his skill set and excel within the world of interior design and lifestyle.

Outside of his studies, Juan enjoys immersing himself in the world of music. He has a passion for collecting records and loves attending live music events.

Hannah Shields:

Hannah Shields is in her senior year at CSULB, and is excited to graduate this May with her bachelor’s degree in journalism and minor in political science. She has a passion for local news and a growing interest in national politics. Hannah also drinks black coffee because she’s finally entered her villain era.

Session 2:

Kadie Gurley:

Kadie Gurley is a motivated fourth year journalism major at Long Beach State, hoping to encourage others to get involved. She has a passion for creative writing and various areas within multimedia, specifically podcast and social media. She strives to develop skills in writing to help flourish following graduation and hopes to break barriers. When not at school, Kadie loves listening to music, shopping for sneakers and collecting Funko pop figures.


Sam Farfan:

As a third-year journalism major at CSULB, Sam Farfan represents aspects of the JPR Department as she is the office student assistant for the JPR office, the special projects coordinator for the Daily Forty-Niner and a staff reporter for Díg en Español. In her free time, Sam likes to volunteer on student film sets, take pictures to further develop her photography skills and learn new rock songs on her electric guitar.

Alexandria Gonzalez:

 I am Alexandria Gonzalez, a graduating senior pursuing bachelor degrees in public relations and political science with a concentration in law, politics, and policy. Furthermore, I am currently a social media manager for the Department of Political Science and traffic coordinator for Beach Media. In the future, I hope to work in communications for a public interest organization, government entity, or political campaign.  I am passionate about exploring discourse involving public communication in governmental society and hope to improve transparency between the two. I served as president of my sorority Sigma Kappa at CSULB and also currently dance folklórico in my free time.


PR & Promotions Leader: Val Rouse

Val Rouse is a fourth year student at CSULB, majoring in Public Relations. Knowledgeable about project management, creative brand production and social media, she is results-driven and her diligence allows her to thrive in leadership positions. She’s passionate about taking innovative approaches in projects and fostering a collaborative environment that encourages creative expression. Val’s artistic background travels into her pastimes, which include djing, reading, creating user-generated content (UGC), and making some of the most stunning charcuterie boards. 

Creative director: Diana Spencer

Diana is graduating this semester with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a minor in event planning management. She is excited to apply what she has learned in both of these topics to the JPR Day creative efforts! Her passion for creative brand building has inspired her to take on this role and she is eager to see her ideas come to life. You can usually find her assisting Professor Newton with managing social media teams, making protein shakes at Shake Smart in the rec, or scrolling on tiktok for hours on end.

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