FA19 PHIL330

Philosophy of Religion (PHIL330)
Patrick Dieveney
Mondays and Wednesdays  ·  11:00am–12:15pm  ·  LA5–149
This course explores a variety of issues that arise in the philosophy of religion. In the course, we will address questions concerning the existence and nature of God. Some of these questions include: What arguments have been proposed to establish God’s existence? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What challenges emerge concerning the compossibility of the attributes traditionally associated with God? Why require that God’s existence is necessary? Might we accept an ‘imperfect’ God? While the centerpiece of the course concerns the nature and existence of God, along the way we will touch on some common questions that arise in theology: How is the existence of evil in the world compatible with the existence of the Judeo-Christian God? How is God’s omniscience compatible with free will?