PHIL415/515 SP24

Marx (PHIL415/515)
Dr. Max Rosenkrantz
Tuesdays & Thursdays  ·  2:00pm–3:15pm  ·  LA5–149

This course will be devoted to a careful reading of substantial selections from Volume I of Capital, supplemented with selections from the 1844 Manuscripts, Grundrisse, and (time permitting) Volumes II and III of Capital as well as Theories of Surplus Value. In addition, we will read a number of works by later writers that illuminate the issues Marx discusses. We will cover the central issues in Marxist theory: the origins of capitalism, class, the labor theory of value, exploitation, ‘early Marx’ versus ‘late Marx’, technology, formal and real subsumption, the accumulation of capital, class composition, the falling rate of profit and economic crisis.

Although this course is offered through the Department of Philosophy, no knowledge of (or even interest in) Philosophy will be presupposed. We’ll just read some Marx!

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