Eric Cohen


M.A. Spanish 2017 | B.A. Spanish
Study Abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina




How did your studies in language and culture prepare you for your current job?

When I first began teaching at the college level, I was teaching second language courses, and while I was already fluent in Spanish, my MA instruction prepared me to approach cultural topics in a much more informed, critical, and sensitive manner.

Although my current position lies outside of language study, I still use Spanish to communicate with many students, and my approach to working with students from a wide range of cultures has certainly been enhanced by my MA studies.


Do you have any advice for students considering language and culture study?

More than anything else, I recommend spending a year abroad. There is no substitute for the linguistic, cultural, and personal gains you will make by doing so. This experience will carry over into your future interactions, as well, and help to make you part of that languageā€™s community