Margaux Stancil

Margaux Stancil

B.A. French & Francophone Studies, Minor Spanish, 2019
Study Abroad: MICEFA/ CSUIP al la Sorbonne Nouvelle 2017-2018

Social Media Marketing Manager

Postgraduate Studies and Related Experiences:

The French American Fund program with the Naomi Gonzalez scholarship for an internship at the French senate, along with 1 semester of studies (fall 2019) at Sorbonne Pantheon studying Political Science of the European Union.

How did your studies in language and culture prepare you for your current job?

My studies in the French language and culture helped prepare me for my current and previous jobs by not only providing essential skills and a new perspective on life but also the ability to excel in a multilingual work environment and achieve my goal of working abroad.

While looking for jobs, I quickly found that the skills I learned were in high demand, and they helped me get positions that I wouldn’t have been able to get if I hadn’t studied what I did. It also allowed me to learn much more than just French, but translation, writing, community organization, public speaking, and much more.

While studying, I also was able to study abroad, which significantly changed my life and brought endless positive factors to my career path. I have over 5 years of international marketing experience and am currently the marketing executive at a French Blockchain company. I would have never been able to get where I am today without having gone through the French program and learned what I did!

Do you have any advice for students considering language and culture study?

Sometimes the path to your goals isn’t always clear or direct. I never would have thought studying French would allow me to land a dream job in marketing in Paris, you can never know! You can only go with your gut and follow what interests you the most.

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