Robert L. Delorme Scholarship

Robert L. Delorme Scholarship

Robert DelormeRobert L. Delorme is an Emeritus Professor in the Political Science department who started his career as tenure track faculty member in fall 1966. He served as Department Chair four times, beginning when he was an Assistant Professor in 1971-1976 (twice), again in 1991-1993, and a fourth time in 1993, serving until his retirement in August 1994. He wore many hats during his time at CSULB, including Graduate Coordinator from 1977-78 and 1979-86. He continued teaching one course per year in the department as a part-time faculty member through the fall semester of 2000. All in all, his career spanned nearly three and a half decades in the Political Science Department.

Throughout this time his impact on his students was so profound one of his former students, Jane Barrett, decided to create a scholarship under his name.

Jane Barrett first met Professor Delorme when she enrolled in his POSC 100 class in the fall semester 1966. She went on to take two upper division classes from him. While at CSULB, she was active in several student organizations and served as the Associated Students Senator. Professor Delorme served as her faculty advisor and encouraged her to pursue Law School after her graduation in 1969—a time when not many women pursued such paths. She was awarded a scholarship and went on to attend University of Southern California Law School. She received her degree in 1972. Below are just some of the accomplishments of her ground-breaking career:

  • As a young lawyer she was active in several significant legal professional organizations.
  • She was the first woman elected to the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association.
  • She served on the ABA’s Commission for Racial and Ethnic Diversity.
  • She served as Chair of the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division with more than 275,000 members at the time.
  • She worked as a partner in several prestigious law firms in Los Angeles and became a well-known litigator in several different fields.
  • Over the years she has become a major financial supporter and booster of our Department.
  • And in 1988, she was named the Outstanding Alumnus of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences here at CSULB.

Jane Barrett established the Robert Delorme Scholarship in 1993 as a way of recognizing the excellent education she received in our department, saying at the time, “I would not be what I am now if it had not been for [Dr. Delorme’s] guidance. Words alone cannot express my gratitude, but perhaps I can repay part of my debt by helping others.”