Alumni Spotlight: Christian Weede

Christian Weede, MA in Philosophy Class of ‘15

Christian first discovered his love of philosophical inquiry and discussion at Chaffey College; he later completed his BA in philosophy at CSUSB in 2011, and continued his education by joining the MA program in philosophy at CSULB. During his time in Long Beach, and with the help of his classmates, Christian organized weekly meetings for the graduate students to meet up and discuss ideas or papers that they might be working on. He earned several awards as a graduate student, including a summer research assistantship with Dr. Charles Wallis and the department’s Whittington Scholarship. Christian also presented at the Southern California Philosophy Conference, the Berkeley/Stanford/Davis Graduate Student Conference, and won first place at the 27th annual CSULB Student Research Competition. His MA thesis, entitled Overcoming the Present and directed by Dr. Cory Wright, argued against presentist theories of time. Upon completing the Master’s degree, Christian was hired as a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at CSUSB in 2016. He often teaches ‘Introduction to Philosophy’ and ‘Moral Choices in Life’, but recently began teaching a course entitled ‘Truth, Lies, and Bullshit’ that addresses the value of truth within society. He continues to love philosophical puzzles, and hopes to share this love with his students.