Learning Alliance

Going strong for 29 Years!

As the premier learning community in the College of Liberal Art, the Learning Alliance has helped students jump-start their experience at CSULB for almost three decades.

All declared CLA first-time freshmen are supported by a network of learning community experts, professional staff, and departmental advisors as they are welcomed into one of twelve Liberal Arts General Education learning communities on their summer SOAR date.

Our new majors will select their packaged courses based on academic interests and test score placement. Students also have the option to enroll in one of our freshman success seminars: C/LA 195. Based on best-practice research, the C/LA 195 course will offer students a smooth transition to campus life, tips for academic success, and valuable information on what they can do with a degree, minor, or certificate in the Liberal Arts. By creating a culture of achievement and attainment in our learning communities, new students benefit from working together in and out of the classroom and connecting with others to form study partnerships and friendships at the university.

In addition to participating in their academic learning community, participants will receive academic advising offered by the College’s ATLAS Network/College of Liberal Arts Advising Center.

Peer Mentor students