Academic Resources

Use to verify if and how courses taken at California Community Colleges will be applied to your degree at CSULB. For more information, visit the Assist Help Page.

Schedule of Classes

For a list of courses offered each semester, visit Schedule of Classes. You can filter courses by subject, college, or GE category using the tabs at the top of the page. You can also search the Schedule of Classes in your Student Center, visit Enrollment Services’ Using Academics page for more information.


View the University Catalog for information on majors, minors, certificates, and academic policies and procedures.

General Education

General Education (GE) provides students with the opportunity to gain a breadth of knowledge to complement and expand their major program. For a list of current GE approved courses, see the GE Requirements page.

Requesting a Recommendation

Visit the Graduate Studies Resource Center for guidelines on how to request a letter of recommendation.

Students on computers in the Horn Center
Female student reading in the CSULB library