CLA Transfer SOAR

When Do I Receive Advising?

Your CLA Advisor will contact you via email with advising & registration information in late June/early July.

More details will be posted on this website in May!

When Do I Register for Classes?

You will enroll in your Fall 2021 classes one week prior to your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

You will receive information about your Registration Date when you sign up for SOAR.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

Need to Change Your Major?

If you are changing your major into or within CLA, submit a Major Change Request.

Do More in 4!

Join a Transfer Learning Community (TLC)

  • Connect with faculty and staff within your major and CLA
  • Build relationships with other transfer students in your major
  • Learn about graduate school, research opportunities, and internships
  • Stay on track for graduation in four semesters!

In Fall 2021, CLA will offer TLCs in the following departments: Anthropology, Communication Studies, Human Development, Journalism & Public Relations, Political Science, and Psychology.

More information will be emailed to you in May!