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Freshman Mandatory Advising

Attention CLA First-Time, First-Years (Freshmen)!

To learn how to complete your First-Year Mandatory Advising (FMA) requirement, please visit our FMA website.

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center

ATLAS Advising Services are hybrid this term, and we’re here to help you!

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Prospective Students

ATLAS only sees currently enrolled students due to personnel and fiscal restraints. Visit our Prospective Students page for information regarding admissions and transferring to CSULB.

Left CSULB and planning to return?

For information about completing your degree in the College of Liberal Arts, contact ATLAS by filling out this form.

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ATLAS Office Hours

Visit PH1-104 during the hours listed for general questions:

  • Monday, 3/20: 9am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Tuesday, 3/21: 10am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Wednesday, 3/22: 9am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Thursday, 3/123: 9:30am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Friday, 3/24: Virtual / Online Advising
ATLAS Phone Hours

Call (562) 985-7804 for general, non-advising questions during our phone hours:

  • Monday, 3/20: 9am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Tuesday, 3/21: 10am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Wednesday, 3/22: 9am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Thursday, 3/23: 9:30am - 12pm, 1 - 5pm
  • Friday, 3/24: 9 - 11am
Frequently Used Forms & Resources

Checklists for CLA Majors, Minors, & Certificates

Click here to see major, minor, and certificate course requirements.

Major Department Advisors

Major Department Advisors are available online. Find your advisor’s contact information here.

Study Abroad Questions

Whether you are returning from studying abroad or planning a trip, please contact the Study Abroad Office.

CLA Internships & Career Advising

For more information about internships or to schedule an appointment, visit the CLA Internship website.

CLA Course Credit Requests

To receive specific major or minor credit for a class you have taken at a Non-CSULB institution, please complete the CLA Course Credit Request Form. Make sure to attach a course syllabus (from the term you took the class).

Withdrawals and Petitions