Tracking Your Degree Progress

Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR) is the official record of your degree progress at CSULB, including the number of units taken and needed to graduate. This tool is your guide to completing General Education, major, and elective requirements. Visit Enrollment Services for step-by-step instructions on running and reading your ARR on MyCSULB.

Beach Pledge / California Promise

As the Advising Center for the College of Liberal Arts, ATLAS supports students in the Beach Pledge Program throughout their academic career.

Degree Planner

The Degree Planner  is a student tool that allows you to arrange and select potential remaining requirements each term. Use the Degree Planner in conjunction with your official Academic Requirements Report.

What-If Report

If you are curious about how changing your degree path will affect your degree progress, the What-If Report is a good place to start. See our “How to Run a What-If Report” guide for detailed instructions.