Can I take these courses at a different day or time?

Not if you are a part of TLC. We are only holding seats in the courses which are offered at the designated dates and times; other courses do not have seats reserved by TLC.

What if I already took a similar course at my previous institution?

These courses are major-specific and must be taken at CSULB.

Is TLC going to reserve seats for me every semester?

TLC is only for your first semester at CSULB.

How will I know what other courses to take?

Your advisor will contact you prior to your registration date with advising information to supplement your TLC courses for a full schedule.

Are there any fees associated with TLC?

There is no cost to participate, but TLC classes fill fast.  Be sure to reserve a spot as soon as possible.

Transfer Learning Communities: Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, Human Development, ATLAS, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology