Appeals, Holds, & Policies

ATLAS Can Assist with the Following Requests

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

Some courses may be taken for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading. A CR/NC grade will not affect your GPA. Visit Understanding Grades and Grading for more information.

To request to change a course grading option to CR/NC , submit an Enrollment Options request on your MyCSULB Student Center (view instructions here).

Extra Unit Petition

If you wish to register above the allotted unit cap for a term (ex: more than 18 units in Fall or Spring), you must receive approval before enrolling.

Submit your request in MyCSULB Student Center. For more information, please visit Student Unit Load.

Hold Resolution

View any registration holds on your MyCSULB Student Center. Click on the link in the Holds box for more information about resolving your hold. Holds can take several business days to be removed, so plan ahead!

Holds that ATLAS may be able to assist with:

  • No Major Declared Hold for CLA pre-majors or students wishing to declare a CLA major: complete an Advising Ticket for advisor assistance. Include your intended CLA major and any relevant information.
  • Freshman Mandatory Advising: Visit the CLA FMA Website for instructions.
  • College Advising Hold or Major Exploration Hold: Complete an Advising Ticket for advisor assistance. Include any relevant information.
Petitions for Psychology Course Credit
  • Requesting Psychology Course Credit from Study Abroad: Email completed Study Abroad Pre-Departure form and course descriptions or syllabus to
  • Requesting Psychology Course Credit for coursework taken at another institution: Complete the Psychology Course Credit Request Form. Make sure to attach a course syllabus (from the term you took the class) for each class.
Repeats (Including 3rd Attempts)

In the event that you do not pass or complete a course, you have the opportunity to repeat the course.

If you do not successfully pass a course on the 2nd attempt, a 3rd attempt petition is required to retake the course. If your major is in the College of Liberal Arts, submit a Repeat Limit Exception request on your MyCSULB Student Center (view instructions here).

Additional Policies, Petitions, & Appeals

Academic Probation, Disqualification, & Reinstatement

Academic probation occurs when a student’s CSULB and/or Overall GPA is below a 2.0.

Academic disqualification means dismissal from CSULB if a student is unable to improve their academic standing after being placed on probation. Once a student is disqualified, they must reapply to the University using the Reinstatement Petition.

The University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) is the primary resource for probation, disqualification, and reinstatement support.

Dropping & Withdrawing

You must drop or withdraw from a class if you no longer intend to complete it. Check Key Dates and Deadlines for drop and withdrawal deadlines.

For information about the different types of Withdrawals, visit Dropping and Withdrawing.

Education Leave

Complete an Educational Leave form to request up to two semesters off.

Your space at CSULB will be reserved for you until you return from approved leave.

Other Academic Appeals

Typically, appeal requests involve issues such as:

  • Record errors
  • General Education substitutions or waivers
  • Reinstatement
  • Exceptions to the repeat/delete policy

To file an appeal, you must email the Petition for Exception to Academic Policy form with supporting documents to

Readmission to CSULB

If you were admitted to CSULB, completed at least one semester in a baccalaureate degree program, and would like to return to the University, visit the Readmission Website for information.