FMA Test Page

Welcome to CLA’s Freshman Mandatory Advising (FMA)!

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is here for you! Participate in FMA to have your advising hold released and to register for your third semester.

Follow the STEPS below:

STEP 1: Watch the Videos

These videos build upon the information presented in Fall 2020. You can review last semester’s videos under the “Academic Resources” sidebar.

Video 1: Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement & Upper Division GE
Learn about additional GE and graduation requirements needed to complete your degree.

Video 2: Academic Policies
Learn about helpful CSULB policies.

For more information about the policies reviewed in this video, please see:

Video 3: Summer Enrollment Options
If you'd like to get ahead or catch up with units, learn how to take courses at CSULB or your local community college.

STEP 2: Choose Your Advising Experience

Select ONE of the following options to complete your advising requirement:

Option 1: Submit Online Form

  • Submit your proposed Fall 2021 schedule (and Summer if applicable) by clicking on the Online Form icon
  • Receive a personalized Advising Plan via email within 3 business days

Option 2: Book Zoom Appointment

Appointments are available to CLA majors/pre-majors only. If you are a non-CLA major changing into CLA, submit this form to request access.

  • Create a proposed Fall 2021 schedule (and Summer if applicable)
  • Book a 30-minute Zoom appointment via Beach Connect by clicking on the Appointment icon. Once you’re logged into Beach Connect, follow the instructions on the gold bar at the top of the screen.
  • Attend your advising appointment
  • Receive a personalized Advising Plan via email within 24 hours of appointment

STEP 3: Register on Your Enrollment Appointment Date & Time!

Major Changes

  • If you want to change to a NON-CLA major visit the Enrollment Services website for advising information.
  • If you want to change INTO a CLA major follow the FMA steps.

Academic Resources

Review the following tools to help plan your schedule.

Navigating Your Student Center
Explore critical areas of your Student Center.

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR)
Identify your remaining requirements with your ARR.

If you are changing your major within or into CLA, view your Major Specific Requirements on your intended major checklist.

Scheduling Tools
Learn how to use course planning tools to complete your requirements.

Course Planning Tools

Creating a Balanced Schedule
Create a balanced schedule with the suggestions in this video.

Academic Support

Utilize CSULB’s many services to receive academic assistance.

Get Involved

Connect with CSULB through a variety of organizational opportunities.

Student Support Services

For additional student services and support, click the link below.