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CLA Students Are Advised According to Their Major

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Tools to Track Your Degree Progress

Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

Located in the MyCSULB Student Center > Academics drop-down menu.

The ARR is your official degree audit, which outlines your progress for all requirements to complete your degree.

Use this step-by-step guide to understand your ARR and track your degree progress.

Course History

Located in the MyCSULB Student Center > Academics drop-down menu.

The Course History lists all courses you’ve taken, as they have been articulated at CSULB. This includes test credit, transfer credit, and CSULB courses.

Each icon indicates the type of credit listed:

  • Green arrow = transfer or test credit
  • Green checkmark = CSULB credit
  • Yellow diamond = in progress at CSULB

Each class listing includes the term taken, grades, units, if it meets a GE requirement, and any notes about the credit (ex: coursework excluded).

*Check your Course History to ensure you do not repeat a class for which you’ve already received credit.

Transfer Credit Report

Located on MyCSULB Student Center > Academics drop-down menu.

Your Transfer Credit Report lists all external (non-CSULB) coursework and test credit received by the University (AP, IB, CLEP, CC, 4-year, Military/Life Experience Credit).

View your original credit and see how it articulates at CSULB.

*Check your Transfer Credit Report to ensure all external credit is in the system. If something you completed is missing, send an official transcript or report to CSULB Enrollment Services.

Associate’s Degree for Transfer (AD-T)

If you completed an AD-T at your transfer institution, do the following:

  • Submit an official transcript that displays your earned AD-T.
  • Check your email for a link to your online AD-T contract & complete it by the deadline.
  • Complete your degree in your admitted major within 60 units.