Student feedback is gathered regarding TLC during focus group sessions and individual anonymous surveys. See a sampling of what students said about their TLC experience.

Transfer Learning Community Anthropology

"The sense of community is what I liked best. Even if you were new, you felt like you were joining something valuable."

"I appreciated that the courses are interrelated. Can easily help the readings that are assigned and share ideas from both courses."

"Our professors were there for us and helped us connect with other alumni and faculty in the field."

"My professors were very supportive and always shared great information and resources for our class."

Transfer Learning Community Communication Studies

"I liked that the classes were picked for me. I’m a new transfer and I was very confused about how the system here worked and so TLC really helped me figure it out."

"I’m generally introverted but I enjoyed talking to other TLC students in my classes."

Transfer Learning Community History

"I liked that it gave me a base for my college experience. Enabled me to meet people so in my next semester of classes I can plan them out with my classmates."

"I liked how the teachers really cared about us and encouraged us to do our best and were always available to help."

"I got a better understanding of my major and the work that is involved in it."

Transfer Learning Community Human Development

"I had other classmates who could relate to the problem of facing a new school and being overwhelmed. I thought I was alone, but when I talked to many of my classmates, I found out I was not alone. It was good to be around individuals who had the same experience."

"I was able to navigate a new campus with a group of amazing people!"

Transfer Learning Community Journalism

"I made real friends and we are now going to take classes next semester together. It's nice to know people specifically in my field."

"I liked that the professors were very helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoyed that I had the same people in my classes."

Transfer Learning Community Political Science

"I enjoyed the fact that we had the same assigned readings in the TLC classes because it made discussions in both classes very engaging. The connections with the professors and classmates was very helpful."

"I like how I got dedicated professors who put their students as their top priority. I feel I got the experience to understand how upper division classes function because they are not similar to lower division. Even though I'm nervous for the future, I still have the efficacy to succeed and graduate by next year."

Transfer Learning Community Psychology

"I enjoyed everything about the TLC program! I'm so thankful to have been part of it. I loved both of my professors."

"I liked that I was able to apply psychology concepts to real life situations and was given the opportunity to connect it with current world events and pop culture."

"Being part of the TLC community makes the transfer experience less intimidating, especially because the faculty and staff who are involved with TLC want you to succeed! It's great to have a team cheering you on."

Transfer Learning Community Sociology

"I made friends in both of my TLC classes. Because of this, I was able to ask classmates for help and discuss some of the assignments outside of class. I liked that my two TLC classes had the same students, so there was a lot of support among my peers."

"What I learned and liked best from the TLC was the sociology panel that was provided to us to give us insight and real experiences about sociology majors and the many things that can be done."

Transfer Learning Communities: Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, Human Development, ATLAS, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology